Repair and Replacement

We will do everything possible to save you money and  get the full value from your existing investment!
A good approach is to let us get you through the season with an appropriate repair, then schedule more comprehensive replacement/upgrade work during the off-season.
This will save you money and maximize your "on-the water" time. 

Window Repairs

We are specialists in marine soft window repair & replacement, both vinyl and semi rigid polycarbonate. We personally work directly with the mfrs of the leading window products to stay up on the latest materials and techniques. It is very important to have deep expertise in this area to get the full life and performance you expect from your windows!

Fabric Repairs

We offer fast repairs, seam re-stitching, water repellency treatment, and other services to any type of boat cover, soft enclosure or other marine-type product.
-Tears, worn areas
-Missing pieces
-Restore water repellency
-Seam restitching 

Zippers & Fasteners

We can replace entire zippers or just the moving slider depending on need.
Deck and fabric fasteners of all types replaced and you can get spares from us. 

Frames & Mounts 

We custom bend our own top support frames, so we can supply new ones to match your missing/damaged frames. We stock a full line of deck mounts and connecting pieces, and probably have what you are looking for.

The Repair Process

1- Inspection

First we will determine if your items are within their useful life span and can be repaired economically. We sometimes find that what seems to be a small failure is actually an early-warning sign of bigger issues. Other times repairs are very practical.

2-Recommendation Options

Next we discuss repair options with you, depending on how and where you use the boat, if you are selling/buying, etc. There are usually several repair options available, and this helps us recommend a solution in line with your spcific needs and future plans.

3-  Estimates

We will give you estimates for the various repair options, and you can select the one that is right for you. We will provide either a fixed-price quote or time & materials, depending on the nature of the repair. No costly surprises!

4-  Perform Repair

We will schedule the repair to best meet your time frames and our shop schedules. Some minor repairs can be done same-day, others will take longer. Critical storm damage work is handled with priority. During peak season non-critical repair work is completed as time permits.
Note: supply chain issues are causing significant disruptions in scheduling and material availability. We appreciate your understanding!