What's New at the Shop?

A brief look at some of the interesting and different projects we've been working on..

Handsome Hanse

The sleek modern Euro lines of this new Hanse 418 are complemented by a low-profile stylish custom dodger that provides excellent protection while incorporating the flowing clean lines of the boat. Crystal clear removable polycarbonate windows, custom frame, advanced track attachment, and matching Italian Tempotest fabric give this owner something special to enjoy! 

Time for a Cover Up?

Open aft cockpits on powerboats can collect debris and rainwater on these blustery days. Adding a custom made slant-back cockpit cover is a cost-effective way to secure your boat from the weather and pollutants, as well as providing additional privacy from passers-by. These are considerably less expensive than full enclosures and can be removed and out of the way quickly for a day of fishing or recreation. Something to consider during the winter months!

New or Refurbished?

This Beneteau dodger is actually refurbished! Basically solid but tired after a number of years, it had potential. After a thorough cleaning, new polycarbonate windows, zippers, small trim repairs, etc. , it looks and performs like new for less than half the cost.
Is your dodger due for a makeover? Not ready for a completely new one? Just send us a note, and we can survey it and advise you of the possibilities.  

How is Sunbrella Marine Fabric Made?

Do you ever wonder how specialty marine fabric is made? We have visited the Sunbrella plants back East, and you would be amazed how much technology is used, managed by skilled workers. And you can imagine the impact COVID 19 interruptions have had on the whole process! Check out the short video here, and for more information on fabrics and the weaving process you can visit the Sunbrella website here.

A Divine Makeover

The Beneteau Sense 43 "Zeus" got a complete makeover with dodger, bimini, connector panel, and deck covers in elegant looking Charcoal Tweed Sunbrella that really dressed the boat up.
Wrinkle-free polycarbonate windows complete the update. The happy new owner is ready for spring sailing in style.

Activa 55 Solar/Privacy Screens

A good set of high-density screens can cut the solar load to the inside tremendously.
This protects interior woodwork and upholstery, and provides a measure of privacy when at dock.

Viking 57 Convertible Flybridge Enclosure

Classic traditional Viking sportfish/cruising yacht. Full weather protection with the flybridge enclosure using premium Strataglass  clear vinyl, and with a clever full outside cover system to protect the enclosure when not in use. 

Catalina 445 Cockpit Shade

Here is one of many large Catalinas we've outfitted with a new cockpit bimini and frame, and connector panel to the hard dodger.
Careful design and graceful construction give full or partial cockpit coverage as desired, while not interfering with the sailing experience.

Sea Ray 40 gets a cool screen window set

The owner of this Sea Ray 40 wanted more ventilation in the boat on hot days, while still protecting the interior from sun and ash fallout. These large screen pieces replace the vinyl windows and also cover the glass windshield at the same time with the same pieces. Screens can provide a surprising amount of protection in the right application.

Dynamiq "Coconut" gets a new enclosure

The classic 80' beauty "Coconut", a  sloop from the Italian superyacht builder Dynamiq , gets a new cockpit dodger & enclosure. The upgraded clear polycarbonate windows are a joy to see through, and the heavier duty top fabric provides sturdy protection for many years to come. A special hidden window-top vent system provides fresh air along the inside top on warm days.

Bayliner MY Enclosure Refit

This Bayliner 3888 MY needed a complete refit of flybridge and lower enclosures, a total of 25 pieces in all. We took everything down to the frames and build a new flybridge enclosure with improved ventilation & weatherproofing in the cheerful tropical color. We were able to save most of the original lower aft enclosure pieces by a careful process of refurbishing and minor repairs. A considerable cost savings and they look like new!

Classic Yacht Acania

Built in 1930 in New York, the 136' Acania was a masterpiece of design and engineering, harkening back to the golden era of simple, yet refined motor yachting of the late Roaring 20's period.
She has an elegant interior and a history complete with a link to Al Capone.
Her restoration included custom exterior deck canvas weathercloths to match the yacht's color scheme, and a unique aluminum-battened top cover for the spiral staircase that folds up when not in use.
She has since been sold, and now is named "Marie". More background can be found here:  https://classicyacht.org/boats/marie

Lawrence Berkeley Labs Supercollider Magnet Cover

The CERN Large Hadron Collider near Geneva Switzerland is the world's largest and highest-energy particle collider and the largest machine in the world. LBL developed an extremely sophisticated helium-cooled accelerator magnet. It needed to be shipped in a protected container that needed a special top cover, so.... we made one. This is the magnet, the cover is above out of sight. You'd rather see the magnet, right?

East Bay Pipeline Earthquake Slip Joint Cover

Large water pipelines cross the active Hayward Fault in the East Bay Area of San Francisco. To control significant pipeline movement, a giant slip joint junction has been added into an underground vault at the fault line. This sophisticated joint can take a 9' compression in the pipeline in a fraction of a second! To protect the equipment in the damp and dusty environment, a complete cover was designed and installed to protect the joint over time, yet not impede its operation if activated during a significant earthquake. Patterning and installing this large cover in a deep underground vault under a freeway where the large fault line could actually be seen in the earth was quite an experience. One of our marine customers was a lead engineer on the project and knew where to get such a cover!